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Ladey was inspired by a lifelong passion for cultivating beauty in womenswear.


My goal as a designer is to create dresses with a purpose—every dress is designed to reawaken the desire in women to embrace beauty—inside and out—and to seek, inspire and cultivate it in all areas of their lives.

Each piece is lovingly brought to life with meticulous attention to detail—from the earliest stages of design, fabric selection, construction, and tailoring, to the finishing touches.

Ladey embodies a new genre of fashion; one that is not defined by passing trends, but rather by timeless elegance and a feminine silhouette—qualities that transcend trends and time.

Ladey’s creations are meant to complement the inherent dignity and femininity of the woman who wears them, while conveying an air of European sophistication, elegance, refinement, and grace.


Every single garment is made in Canada, and only the finest materials and fabrics are used.

who wears ladey

Her manner is refined, her poise is graceful.


She believes in cultivating spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical well-being.

She values quality, is moved by beauty, strives for authenticity, and never settles for the imitation.


She believes in kindness and compassion, love that endures, and prefers being remembered, to being noticed.

Her holistic approach to life also permeates her wardrobe. What she wears fuses effortless elegance, immaculate quality, impeccable tailoring, and a timeless silhouette—classic yet chic.

Her clothing is her second skin—a seamless extension of who she inherently is—a woman and a lady.

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