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Nothing but the best will do.

Dianie had her heart set on buttons. And pairing buttons with Chantilly lace, can be a tricky business. You need a very specific kind of button with a fabric backing that allows it to elegantly mould to the back seam of the gown, without compromising the drape of the delicate lace. The trouble is—these types of buttons are impossible to find. So having scoured all my local button go-tos—with a week or so to go—I was nearly ready to give up.

But not Dianie, her heart was set, and with gentle insistence, she encouraged me to keep looking.

That gentle strength—that flows from her deep faith in God, her carefully honed convictions, her resolve and reluctance to settle—are what make Dianie the beautiful and strong woman she is today. She expects, and brings out the best in others—her family, friends, and students. The girl knows what she wants, and refuses to settle for anything less—in a good way—not the superficial go-getter kind, but rather, the thoughtful kind, that engages heart, mind and soul.

And saying ‘yes’ to the right guy, was no exception for Diane. Meeting the ‘right’ significant other, who’s ‘all in’, for better, or worse—is kind of like finding that elusive button—it takes patience, perseverance and a great deal of faith that the final destination, the final effect will make it all worthwhile. And from the first time I met Nick and Diane (together) it was clear that they were both saying ‘yes’ to the person who was worth every step of the journey. =)

In case you’re wondering, we got the buttons. They arrived a few days before the wedding, and I have to say, they were worth every excruciating ‘will they, or will they not arrive on time?’ minute, every ‘delayed order’ email notification and border crossing interrogation.

Striving for excellence should be a non-negotiable, and Diane was living testimony of this on her wedding day—she looked magnificent, every part the classy young lady she is—inside and out. And the man, who stood by her side, was testimony to Dianne’s gentle insistence that nothing but the best will do.

Congratulations Dianie and Nick. =)

Wedding gown details: Body: Ivory Peu de Soie. Overlay: Ivory Chantilly lace. Details: To achieve a seamless look, the lace scallops were individually cut out, and hand-appliquéd onto the back and front neckline, and hem of the gown. Finishing accents: elegant Peau de Soie bow + belt, and of course—cherry on the top—THE covered buttons! =)


I also had the pleasure of creating a 2-piece dress for Dianie’s lovely sister Judy (photos of dress below).

Judy’s dress details: Body: Dusty rose jersey with rayon tulle yoke/neckline. Overlay: Richly embroidered French lace. Details: To achieve the final effect, I cut out flower details from the lace, and hand-appliquéd them onto the tulle yoke/neckline. Skirt hem also includes a hand-appliquéd scalloped lace edge. On a side-note, although I normally cringe at the thought of an unfinished hem, I took a leap of faith, and did not hem the jersey, to preserve its beautiful drape.


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