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More than a dress.

From season to season legions of fashion designers master the ‘art’ of undressing women, in the name of celebrating the beauty of the female body, and sadly in many cases they reduce her to just that—her body. Yes our bodies are beautiful—in all their splendid shapes and forms—and worthy of celebration, but God knows, WE ARE SO MUCH MORE.

That’s why it’s time to reevaluate the power of a dress, and to bring back the old fashioned art of dressing women in a way that celebrates their entirety, and restores the mystery, allure and dignity taken for granted by an industry caught up in a state of undress.

As women, we have an inherent need to feel and look beautiful, to be admired, valued and cherished. We desire to be remembered, rather than just being noticed. Some of the most memorable gowns in history, showed very little, yet revealed so much of the feminine mystery and allure, that they remain etched in our memories to this day. While sending a half-dressed model down the runway catches the eye for a minute, a well designed gown mesmerizes, lingers in one’s memory and touches one’s heart.

That’s why I’m so passionate about the dress.  I believe it has the power to reveal so much more of the story that deserves to be told in full, without being stripped of its essence. There’s a depth and mystery to every one of us that deserves to be seen and celebrated—and a beautifully designed dress, has the power to do just that—to celebrate the entire person.

So next time you’re deciding on a dress—whatever the occasion—ask yourself: how much do you want the world to see? Just your body? Or perhaps a glimpse of something more?



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