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A day at the Palais.

This year I had my heart set on seeing some of my favourite designers’ couture pieces at Palais Galleria’s permanent haute couture collection. When I arrived, however, I learned that the museum no longer offers access to the collection, in order to preserve the fragile garments.

So I opted for plan b—La Mode En Movement—an exposition exploring the evolution of leisure and sportswear over the decades. 

The exhibit focused on the attire worn in the world’s most elegant sports including equestrianism, tennis, golf, and swimming (sorry, no hockey) and showcased the fascinating evolution of women’s (and men’s) garments from predominantly ornate to functional. The shift gradually occurred when studies signalled the importance of physical exercise and the harmful effects of the corset on the female rib cage and body.

When I read this, my initial reaction was: oh boy, cue the frumpy dumpy…

Was I ever wrong!

To my delight, I discovered that many of fashion’s greats managed to redesign the silhouettes for practical function, while carefully preserving the beauty, detail, and aesthetic dimension of their garments.

While many trends have come and gone over the years, some timeless styles remain relevant to this day.

Here are some of the most memorable looks and details from the exhibit.



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