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A hint of lace.

There’s something sublime about fine lace, and knowing how to wear it tastefully is an art.

Beware of a very fine line.

When in doubt, opt for a touch or a barely-there-hint.

Unless it’s lingerie, be very careful about pairing silky fabrics (silk charmeuse, dupioni or satin) with lace – when in doubt, it’s best to avoid the two together. The shine coupled with the intricacy of the needlework can make the prettiest dress look busy and tasteless.

Lace loves matte or gently lustrous (not shiny!) fabrics – if well matched, the pairing can look regal – think Kate Middleton’s wedding dress!

Don’t over do it. Layering is often the key. If the top layer is all lace, keep the bottom layer in the same color – an elegantly understated look.

For a classy alternative choose two deliberately contrasting colours, like navy and cream. Be very careful with the colour selection though – I promise you that pairing green and red would not achieve the same effect! Just take my word on this one!

Please enjoy tastefully!



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