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A language worth learning.

If you’re as dedicated a follower of Princess Catherine’s style as I am, you’re likely familiar with—a site dedicated to, well—what Kate wore. It’s a diary of sorts, documenting the head-to-toe details of my favourite royal’s day-to-day looks. 


It’s an ideal site for sourcing inspiration for flattering colour combinations and cuts, tasteful accessories, well balanced proportions, and remarkably stylish outfits. 


It’s no secret that royals have mastered the art of dressing for every occasion—and while knowing what to pair with what is important, knowing what to wear WHEN is key. 


Think of clothing as a universal language—albeit non-verbal, it communicates a great deal about us—our style, our personality, and our attitude towards the world around us. Take dressing for the opera, for example—selecting your attire with care and consideration is the equivalent of saying:


I recognize that a great deal of time, planning, and effort was invested into hosting this event and to show my appreciation and respect, I will also spend a bit of extra time and care on selecting an appropriate outfit for occasion.


Now this may sound a bit over-the-top, but trust me, it pales in comparison to showing up at a wedding wearing sneakers or faded jeans—I’ve witnessed both!


And like everything worth its while, developing a discerning dress etiquette and keen sense of style takes time, practice, and a little help from style-savvy role models who have already mastered the art. 


Similar to language, our wardrobes offer a rich vocabulary for self-expression, so next time you’re invited to a special occasion, ask yourself: ‘What would Kate wear?’ and let your dress make a note-worthy statement!



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