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A scarf: the prima ballerina of accessories.

A lady loves to accessorize, and the scarf is the prima ballerina of accessories. Why? Because of its unparalleled power to transform the simplest of looks into a chic creation.

Take a classic pair of black or white fitted slacks, just-below-the-knee black leather boots and a simple top – left as is, the ensemble may seem a touch bland. Now tie a snazzy little scarf around your neck and your look will go instantly from so-so, to so classy!

Tying it around your neck is one option – there are plenty of ways to knot a scarf – be creative, and have fun with it! For a more sophisticated look, drape one side of your scarf or pashmina over your left shoulder, and let the other end curl around your neck and cascade down the front.

Or, like the Silver Screen starlets who knew a thing or two about “ladeyness” – wear it like a headband. Add a pair of “Jackie O” shades, and you’re fit for a stroll down Madison Avenue. You can wear it as thick or thin as you like it, and tie the leftover “panels” in a bow at the nape of your neck, or for a more artistic look, just below your ear. For added flare, twist it before tying it around your head – this prevents the headband from sliding off, and makes it more visible – that’s how I like to wear mine, and I wear them a lot.

Why not prettify your waistline with a dainty belt alternative? Works beautifully with skirts, shorts, slacks and dresses; loop through belt-loops or loosely tie around the waist.

Be careful not to overdo it – a scarf shouldn’t be paired with too many patterns or textures – in this case plain & simple is best.

Think of the scarf as a masterpiece, on the canvas of your ensemble!



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