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Baby, it’s cold outside: menswear edition.

Tis the season of winter weather, wool scarves and wearing whatever keeps you cozy. Items 1 and 2—check, item 3—I think not.

Gents—while GQ swagger is optional, a put-together winter wardrobe is a must.

DO: Layer—but choose your layers wisely. If you’re sporting a classic wool coat, opt for a blazer, or ‘manly’ cardy underneath. No quilted plaid please—ever. (It’s like pairing a dress pant with Crocs).

DON’T: make it all about the brand. Quality is often understated and doesn’t need a logo front-and-centre to say that your coat is ‘well made’. The fit, cut and quality of the fabric is the most telling trademark, not the visible logo. If we know quality, we’ll notice it, if we don’t—well, it won’t matter anyway.

DO: Wear toques and scarves that complement your coat or jacket. If your coat is a solid colour, then the sky’s your limit! On the other hand, tweed and other textured fabrics strongly dislike competition—when choosing complimentary accessories—solids are the way to go!

DO: Wear leather gloves—but please don’t mix ski gloves with non-ski/snowboard apparel.

DON’T: Mix winter coats with runners.

DON’T: Wear tip-of-your-head-topper toques or slouchy, sloppy Doc-style (as in the dwarf) hats.

DON’T: Mix Canucks, or other favourite sports team gear, with your winter outerwear—unless you’re on your way to or from a game (go Canucks’ go!).

Finally, a few popular items that your classic winter coat is SEVERELY allergic to: baseball caps, tracksuits, sneakers, gym gear, hoodies and Toms.

So gentlemen, here’s to winter weather, wool scarves and keeping it dapper this Christmas season!

A few ‘dapper’ looks—both classic and casual—for inspiration.



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