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Embrace time.

I used to think that designing a collection from start to finish happened in one sitting: you had an idea, a guiding vision and the entire lineup of dresses flowed from there in one sitting.

Thankfully, that’s not quite how it works.

It still starts with a single idea, and a vision, but over time it evolves, grows, changes and morphs into something much richer and more vibrant than the original idea could have ever been.

Time has a way of broadening horizons, molding perspectives, revealing new paths, and adding a new dimension, richness and texture.

Ironically it’s typically the last designs in a collection that are my strongest and the ones I’m most proud of.

Don’t be discouraged when things take time—they need to in order to become the best version of what they were designed to be, and sometimes far more beautiful than you originally envisioned.

So whatever your venture—embrace time, it’s on your side.

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