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Fits like a glove.

Today was chilly, so I thought about gloves.

What a perfect occasion to remind all the stylish young ladies that gloves are a must. Not just to protect delicate hands, but to add a little finesse. Gloves after all are to a coat, like a feather to a cap.

So rule number one: a glove must fit like a glove. It should beautifully embrace your hand, just enough to allow ease of movement, but not to look sloppy, or on the other hand, suffocate. Elegance lies in an effortless fit – the photos below should give you a better idea of what I mean.

When in doubt, stick to basics: black & chocolate brown – investing in a pair of each will allow you to coordinate with almost every colour in your wardrobe.

Not just any gloves will do – soft, beautifully finished leather is a must. No substitutions or faux alternatives will suffice.

And finally, when paired with a coat, make sure your coat sleeves are long enough to cover the top of your glove without exposing the wrist or arm.

And c’est tout! Bon chance!



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