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My why.

It took a few detours in my life for me to realize that I can’t just design for the sake of making an edgy statement or appealing to the trendsetters of the day.

When I did all the above, it left me feeling hollow and unfulfilled. Deep down I knew that there had to be something more to where my heart was being called to go.

It took several years (and tears!) for me to define the purpose that currently shapes the design of every single dress I create. Finding my ‘Why’ has given the work that I pour my heart and soul into a new meaning and direction.

Shifting my objective from making a statement, to making a difference to another person has allowed me to experience real joy and fulfillment.

I encourage each one of you who has a big dream, or goal, or is working towards somehow making a difference, to invest the time to discover and define your ‘Why’—it becomes that North Star that always brings your dream back on course.

Here’s my ‘Why’.

My goal as a designer is to inspire women to become who they were created to be. Every dress I design is infused with this purpose—its mission is to instill confidence, evoke beauty, convey strength and reconfirm the woman wearing it in her inherent value, dignity and purpose.

What’s yours?

If you need help getting started check out the inspiring ‘Why’ talk by Simon Sinek—it’s one of the very best:

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