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Pearls of wisdom.

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then a lady’s are pearls.

There’s something undeniably exquisite about the creamy lustre of a single strand of pearls. And the beauty of it is, that it may be worn with an array of ensembles: from business casual, to cocktail, evening, and of course for that very special occasion.

Just about every Coco Chanel creation was embellished with pearls – a strand, cluster or a cascade. The woman knew her style and loved her pearls!

There really are no rules! Well, maybe one. A pearl, or pearls need no further embellishment. In their simplicity, they command respect. They demand a plain canvas – if you’re wearing pearl’s, keep it simple, stay clear of busy patterns and anything that even remotely resembles sportswear.

And remember one thing – if a diamond screams luxury, a pearl whispers elegance.



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