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She Shines.

She Shines is a spotlight on remarkable women who cultivate beauty in others.

The idea for writing this feature has been on my heart for a while and has been inspired by women who enrich the lives of others in selfless and tangible ways. They quietly go about their daily lives, leaving a trail of hope, restoration and joy in the hearts and lives of those they encounter. These gems of humanity deserve to be celebrated and acknowledged for the spark they light in others.

So without further ado...

The first person who came to mind, and in a way inspired the She Shines feature is a remarkable young woman known to some as Sheena, (and to others as Anna Karenina!😉).

The girl has a heart of gold for others. She is one of the most selfless and generous women I know, and her superpower (one of many!) is championing the causes of others, and broadcasting their talents and gifts to the world.

She has a knack for encouraging invisible artists to bring their craft to light for the sake of enriching others.

She’s a tireless connector of people, and master of championing others’ dreams—if she’s not sharing one of your posts or passion projects with the world, she’s sending you a note of encouragement propelling you to keep forging ahead.

She’s also too generous for her own good, and the most thoughtful gift giver—she takes the time to know people, not just on the surface, but deeply where it matters.

And she has a compassionate heart for those who suffer—both in her nursing profession and personal life.

She Shines in countless more ways than I can recount in a single post, and cultivates beauty wherever she goes.

Thank you Sheena for always putting others first and being a Spark to so many! Keep shining girl!



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