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The bright side of failure.

I’ve failed so many times, one could say, I’ve mastered the art of failure.

And it’s a good thing! I’ve recently learned, that failing, really is an art.

It’s the art of finding meaning and opportunity for growth and perseverance, every time things don’t work out.

Anyone who has ever been passionate about something—whether it’s teaching, knitting, painting, playing sports, psychology, design, {insert your passion here}—will agree, that the common denominator of all ‘passions’, is a flicker, deeply engrained in our core, that refuses to be extinguished, no matter how many times we fail, or try to walk away.

Designing, and creating beautiful clothes is my flicker, and I can’t even count the number of times I’ve tried to give up, let go, move on—probably as many times as I’ve failed.

About a year ago, things changed and these days, I’m comfortable with failure. I don’t get as frustrated anymore, and giving up is no longer an option. If anything, every ill-fitting draft or puckered seam renews my zeal to get it right.

And eventually, you do get it right.

I still fail a lot, but I get it right a lot more too—one stitch, one seam, one dart, one lace scallop, one dress at a time. The sense of accomplishment and confidence that accompanies every tiny milestone and conquered failure, is even more gratifying than getting it right on the first try.

So whatever your passion—keep the flicker alive, and master the art of realizing your dream, one failure at a time.



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