What makes it work.

As a designer, I don’t subscribe to the notion of trends and conforming one’s design aesthetic to what the trend reports deem in or out for the season. Observing the myriad of colours, silhouettes and fabrics on the runway, makes me wonder how many designers really do allow trends to dictate what they will or won’t show. A handful maybe?

As Tim Gunn always reminds Project Runway contestants: ‘make it work’—that in my eyes is what successful fashion is all about—it’s not about pushing the weird/unwearable envelope, but rather making it work, by creating a look that is wearable, cohesive, and unique enough to make you pause, smile and appreciate it for its distinctness. Several designers do this extraordinarily well—be it through colour, pattern or cut.

A fashion house that made the colours work, oh so well on the runways of Paris Fashion Week (Spring/Summer 2014), was design duo Badgley Mischka.

I’ll let their breathtaking hues speak for themselves…

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