wildflower collection

My initial inspiration for this collection blossomed out of a 1960’s wildflower dress that captivated me with its lightness, fresh beauty and vibrant wildflowers sprinkled across the delicate canvas of the cream cotton voile dress.


 The dress that you see woven both figuratively and physically, into so many of the pieces in this collection belonged to, and was also woven into the story of Włada Marcisz—a Polish noble woman, who I was honoured to know when I lived in Poland. Włada’s  deep appreciation for beauty was similar to my own, and apparent in the way she dressed. I always admired her immaculate and beautifully accessorized outfits. Her life wasn’t without setbacks though—Włada’s  family lost almost everything during the war, and after moving to England with her husband, Stanisław Marcisz—a WWII pilot in the Royal Air Force—she could only admire the beautiful clothes lining the store fronts of stylish Bristol boutiques. He modest beginnings, however were also what propelled her to learn how to sew, and to take her love of beautiful clothes into her own hands—and the wildflower dress happened to be one her hand-sewn creations.


The Wildflower Collection is about cultivating beauty out of imperfection and setbacks —many of the design elements are the result of afterthoughts, or things not going as originally planned.  It’s about harnessing the resilience, simplicity, colours and unpretentious beauty of wildflowers to create something that inspires women to seek beauty and to cultivate it in their own lives. And finally, it’s about honouring the memory of a woman whose resilience, taste and appreciation for elegance and timeless beauty has inspired me, and this collection.


In conclusion, I hope that this collection is a timely reminder of the perennial nature of beauty, that like wildflowers, blossoms even out of the darkest of places.

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