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the wildflower collection



This collection was inspired by the imperfect beauty of wildflowers strewn across the white canvas of a vintage cotton voile dress.


There was something comforting and relatable about the imperfect beauty of these wildflowers that spoke to many of the fears that so often assail the feminine heart—like the fear of failure, of somehow falling short, or not measuring up.


They demonstrated to me that imperfection does not preclude beauty, but rather gives it the freedom to blossom even where it was never intentionally planted.


So this collection is about cultivating beauty despite unexpected circumstances (read: COVID!), our human limitations, insecurities, life’s curveballs, and failures along the way.


It’s about sewing the seeds you’ve been given—even in the midst to darkness—and having faith that they will blossom into something beautiful.


And so it is my sincere hope that this collection inspires you to wholeheartedly purse whatever passion has been placed on your heart, with the unreserved boldness of a wildflower blooming solely to inspire those who need to be touched by its imperfect beauty.




The 1960’s wildflower dress that you see woven—both figuratively and literally—Into many of the pieces in this collection, belonged to a very stylish Polish noblewoman named Włada.


Her life, like the wildflowers on her dress, wasn’t perfect. Her family lost almost everything during the war, and after moving to the UK with her husband Stan—a WWII pilot in the Royal Air Force—Włada could only admire the beautiful clothes lining the windows of stylish Bristol boutiques.


Her modest beginnings eventually became the catalyst for taking her love of beauty and fashion into her own hands, and learning how to sew. Włada went on to create many beautiful dresses, and the wildflower dress happened to be one of them.


Like Włada’s story, the collection is about cultivating beauty amidst imperfection and setbacks. It’s about harnessing the resilience, colours, simplicity, and unpretentious beauty of wildflowers to create something that serves as a reminder of the perennial nature of beauty, that like wildflowers, blossoms even out of the darkest of places.

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