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The personal side of fashion.

Over the past several months I’ve devoted most of my free time to a fashion project that is near and dear to my heart. It’s something I set my heart on a while ago, and vowed to see it though to its successful completion (God-willing!) regardless of the ups and downs along the way.

In the last few weeks though, as the project is inching towards the finish line, I’ve found myself wondering: is it worth it all?

Is it worth the countless hours at my sewing machine, the time not spent with loved ones, the sacrificed weekends?

For what?

For clothes?

And then the answer dawned on me.  It’s only worth it, if there’s something more to it. It needs to be personal, or rather about the person for whom the clothes are created—whoever she may be.

I needed to remind myself, that from the beginning the main purpose for this undertaking—and for my brand in general—was to cultivate beauty.  Because as Dostoevsky once said, ‘Beauty will save the world.’

I believe that each dress tells a story—it reveals a bit of who the person wearing it is, or in some cases, who she is meant to be—a creature of beauty, destined for greatness.  Any garment that distorts this message, or takes anything away from the person wearing it, is not fulfilling its purpose.

Fashion needs to be personal. It needs to put the person first—one-purpose filled dress at a time.



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