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One fine gown for one fine lady.

I knew that Leanna would be a perfect fit for Ladey—but before I tell you about the dress, let me tell you about Leanna.

She is of course, very ladylike—as the photos will show—but more importantly, she has the kind of heart that inspires more than any amount of gracefulness ever could. She’s the kind of girl who gets decked out in full wedding attire, the day after her wedding, and drives with her brand new hubby, to re-create a mini wedding ceremony at her 90+ year old granny’s retirement home. That’s Leanna.

Besides having a big heart, Leanna also has a great sense of style—she knows what works—and prefers to keep things simple. When I presented her with my first set of designs, I had my heart set on a specific one, secretly hoping that was the one she would pick. And she did! I should add that all the lace was a touch (ok, maybe a leap) outside of Leanna’s comfort zone, but considering the occasion, she took a fashionable risk!

After perfecting the fit of the muslin, we selected the ideal fabrics, to complement the design. For the body of the gown, we chose a luxurious, 4-ply, cream silk with just the perfect lustre. (We didn’t want anything too shiny!) For the back bodice of the dress we chose a gracefully embroidered scalloped French lace, with a touch of beading.

To add body to the delicate lace, I backed it with silk organza, and added a row of covered buttons for a polished and elegant finish. The front neckline of the dress was also adorned with lace scallops.

My favourite element was the belt, created out of the same fabric as the dress, and hand-embroidered with tiny leaves and beads, taken directly from the lace.

Leanna looked beautiful on her big day—no amount of sparkle or silk lustre could compete with the radiance of the glowing bride.



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