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Trends. To follow, or not to follow?

Trends are great for sparking creativity, inspiring new ideas and putting a unique spin on how clothes can be worn from one season to the next. They’re a wonderful source of inspiration for designers and fashionistas alike. And so they should be!

What trends should not be, are a guide to seasonal “must-haves” for everyone who considers themselves fashion-savvy. To the contrary, I’ve seen too many trend-inflicted fashion casualties to ever equate “stylish” with “trendy”.

Let me explain. Keeping up with what’s “in” – great, seeking inspiration from trends – fantastic, indiscriminately adding each “hot trend” as it pops up, to one’s wardrobe – potentially disastrous.

Let’s take leggings for example – they burst back onto the high-end fashion scene in 2005, and became a born-again hit both on and off the runway. For a variety of reasons though, leggings are not for everyone, especially if worn instead of slacks. Aesthetically speaking, the legging-trend is not universally flattering, as is the case with most trends.

That’s why each should be carefully scrutinized before being introduced into one’s wardrobe. Ask yourself; does this work with my body type? Will it accentuate my most flattering attributes? Will it overpower my personality, or will it blend right in? Will I feel like me when I’m wearing it?

If you’ve answered “yes” to all the above, sounds like the trend will work well for you!

Here’s to a New Year and a new outlook on trends!

Curious how to discover and embrace your own style ? Check back for my next blog post: Style defined.



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